Reducing Foreign Exchange Costs for SMEs

Simon George
May 14, 2020 5:30:00 PM

With over forty years collective managerial experience on both the buy and sell side of foreign exchange transactions we know what is important to business owners.

Foreign exchange transactions can be daunting for small businesses.  You want to be trading internationally however want to ensure you are receiving value and don't lose value when exchanging currency.

Xchange Capital’s SME Services are tailored to help businesses save time and money whilst reducing exposure and unnecessary costs when compared to existing retail banking services.

Achieving this personal guided service means that you will be looked after every step of the way from the completion of  a straight forward trade and payment requests to the delivery of fully tailored and automated treasury functions.

Our blend of self managed services and on-hand professional advice mean you have complete flexibility when it comes to managing your foreign currency transactions.  A straight forward currency exchange for moderate sums are easy to self manage.  If however you have more bespoke requirements, larger sums or volumes of transactions, many can be managed online however our team of experts are on hand to advise you and provide the best advice to achieve the best exchange rate.

Our risk management advice can also help you limit the impact of currency fluctuations if holding funds in a foreign currency for a future payment or during the valuation process of foreign assets.

Why not speak to one of our SME Services specialists today, visit or call us on +44 (0)207 177 1700.


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