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Operate multiple currency accounts anywhere in the world with XCAP Online

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Global account capabilities

As well as giving you the ability to trade and make global payments in multiple currencies, Xchange Capital can provide you with currency accounts in your/your company name.

Domiciled overseas as well as domestically we can offer in-country collection enabling your customers to pay you like a local and giving your business a truly global presence.


Account details in your own name

Currency accounts are created in your name with a unique account number for domestic and international payments in your chosen currencies.

Win customers

Accepting foreign currency payments from customers is often difficult and expensive. Increase your customers satisfaction by offering payment in their local currency through your XCAP account.

Save time & money

Our locally domiciled currency accounts are created fast and free to open online with no annual fee.

Integrated solution

Access your currency accounts, convert, pay and receive money easily and securely using XCAP Online and negate the need for costly bank currency accounts.


Our currency accounts enable our clients to send and receive money globally, quickly. Unlike traditional bank accounts with lengthy application timescales, we are able to offer fast online account opening, often with same day processing.

Use your currency accounts to receive third party currency payments. By holding these funds in their original currency, it also offers opportunities for businesses to make supplier payments without being exposed to unnecessary foreign exchange transaction costs. Our currency accounts require no corporate presence to collect payments locally. Amounts you receive will automatically be credited to your account balance. You then can use our range of foreign exchange solutions to manage your money and pay suppliers, all at our competitive rates.

Your account manager will assist your accounts team by tailoring your account with the required solutions and ensure its integration into your financial processes.

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Our dedicated account managers will help find the best solution for your needs.
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