Forward Contracts

Reserve a forward price for buying and selling currencies on a specific date.

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Forward contracts

XCAPs range of forward contracts helps businesses budget for future foreign exchange payments and gives flexibility on the date you wish to draw down on the currency.  Forward contracts are part of our extensive range of currency solutions offered to our clients.

Benefits of forward contracts:

  • Secure the right rate early.
  • Prevent exposure to currency fluctuations.
  • Budget for future payments and reduce risk.
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Fixed forwards

Our fixed forwards enable you to book your currency and fix the date for it to be transacted. This secures the rate and prevents exposure to currency fluctuation.

XCAP service

XCAP are dedicated to providing our clients with an outstanding level of service for all types of forex transactions and ensuring that we maximise returns.

Window forwards

Exchange one currency for another between two dates in the future. Giving more flexibility than fixed forwards, these are often helpful if the payment date needs to be flexible.

Online account

With an online account, our clients can manage their forex transactions in real time, benefitting from years of experience and a trusted reputation in FX solutions.


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