Currency Risk Management

XCAP provides you with the tools and expertise you need to predict your future costs and protect against unexpected shocks

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Budget, forecast & protect

With market volatility characteristically unpredictable, why take the risk? A successfully implemented risk management strategy utilises the necessary tools for the market conditions to achieve results within your risk appetite.

XCAP Risk Management provides:

  • Tailored hedging strategies with ongoing consultation.
  • Market reports and forecasting.
  • Dedicated Dealer.
  • Non advisory, no subscription.
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Forward contracts

Fixed date and option dated forwards (window forwards) allow you to fix your rate up to five years in the future, allowing you to effectively budget by fixing your costing price and reduce future translation risk.

Economic data analysis

Economic risk poses the number one threat to financial transaction costs. By analysing economic data and monitoring exchange rate forecasts, we can mitigate your risk and smooth the shocks saving you money.

Market orders

During periods of market volatility we can achieve better than current market rates and we can place safety nets using limit orders and stop losses.

Dedicated dealer support

By providing you with a dedicated dealer who is familiar with your budgeting levels and requirements, XCAP ensures that your risk management strategy objectives are always met.


The usual fluctuations in the currency markets have the potential to cause significant financial losses for businesses and high net worth individuals. Foreign exchange fluctuations are often the cause of unpredicted losses or lower than expected profit margins calls. These losses are often caused in companies by either increasing payable costs or reducing receivable income. However, ensuring you select the right strategy can be time consuming and complex.

Companies using XCAP have robust currency hedging strategies that help to mitigate a number of these risks. We help businesses mitigate these risks, protect their bottom line and simplify the entire process of handling multiple currencies. We conduct these reviews and assist our client be better prepared for the ever fluctuating world of currencies.

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