Spot Transactions

Execute Spot Transactions with ease with an XCAP online foreign currency trading account.

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Secure your rate & settle

A spot trade is a straight forward way of exchanging one currency for another that settles after 2 business days. By executing a spot transaction, you are securing the live exchange rate at the time of the trade providing complete peace of mind. We provide same day settlement and payment execution on most major currencies.

  • Guaranteed exchange rate.
  • Standard 2 business day settlement.
  • Same day settlement on most majors.
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International payments

With an XCAP Online foreign exchange account, you can send and receive payments in over 100 currencies worldwide at the click of a button.

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Market orders

Utilise market fluctuations by placing market orders through your online currency trading account with immediate execution of the trade.

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Forward contracts

Forward contracts provide flexibility when drawing down on currency. Securing early rates allows you to limit the risk of future rate fluctuations.

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Open FX account

Opening an online foreign exchange account or foreign currency account is free and easy.  The user friendly account lets you start trading immediately.



What is a spot transaction?

A spot transaction or spot trade is an exchange of currencies at a set point of time which is settled after 2 business days.  This type of currency trade allows for forward planning when you know when you will need or want the currency you are buying but want to secure a rate in advance of actually receiving the currency on account.  Spot transactions are a great way of securing an exchange rate in advance of needing to physically have the currency available to spend.  Essentially this is a less speculative type of currency trade where you know how much currency you will be receiving and when it will be delivered.   For more information on spot trades, please speak to one of our experts who will be happy to help.

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