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Sophisticated foreign exchange solutions to streamline your business  

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Maximise productivity, cashflow and returns

XCAP can offer innovative ways to overcome the challenges of cross-border trade saving you time and money. 

We can free up your working capital and optimise efficiency by:

  • Reducing margin requirements on forward contracts.
  • Bridging invoice gaps between supplier and customer payments.
  • Making regular and mass payments easy with our integrated solution.


XCAP can assist in providing reduced margin terms on forward contracts to assist with cash flow and free up your working capital and existing credit lines.

Trade support

Your dedicated account manager will provide support with purchase order management as well as assistance with reporting and analytics.


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Trade finance

Improve your working capital, bridge invoice gaps and protect against unexpected disruptions with a line of credit and an integrated FX solution. Pay suppliers earlier to negotiate discounts and repay up to 150 days later.

Digital channels

XCAP offers a secure and reliable solution for delivering funds through it's secure platform providing API, mass payment and payroll support. Control overseas transactions centrally and issue authorised users with permissions.


With increasing political and economic uncertainties, fluctuations in exchange rates are becoming more frequent with often painful consequences for businesses.

By maintaining close relationships with our customers, Xchange Capital account managers gain a thorough understanding of their clients businesses and identify and mitigate their currency exposures. Our aim is to further educate our clients to help them really understand how to mitigate risk when dealing with multiple currencies.

Ensuring operational transactions are conducted at the correct time is crucial when managing risk. Our currency experts will conduct research and utilise rate forecasts when executing trades and developing bespoke hedging strategies individually tailored to your business. Every strategy we create is unique to meet your requirements.

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