Reducing Foreign Exchange Costs

Our  FX solutions are perfect for private clients, micro, small and medium-sized businesses, looking to reduce risk and save money on international payments. 

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Currency simplified

We make things simple at XCAP. Our SMEs support team help guide all sizes of businesses through the process of saving time and money when dealing with foreign exchange and international payments.

SMEs can benefit from:

  • Competitive currency exchange rates.
  • Free XCAP Online management platform.
  • Currency accounts in over 36 currencies. 
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Competitive rates

By taking advantage of more competitive currency rates especially for those businesses still using their bank for currency exchange and foreign transactions.

Forward contracts

Want to take advantage of a great rate but don't want to tie up your cashflow? Using our forward contracts you can lock in an exchange rate for a future date.

Save time

Our intuitive platform XCAP Online, enables quick and easy global payments with the facility to process payments in bulk. With access to over 36 currencies. 

Currency accounts

Looking to make it easier for your international customers to pay you? We can provide currency accounts in over 36 currencies. Allowing you to collect in the native currency.



Reducing FX costs for SMEs

Foreign Exchange (FX) transactions may result in inflated costs that small and medium-sized enterprises are striving to reduce. FX execution is historically a very expensive operation for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the expense of doing business with branches, vendors and customers from around the world. Many providers also take up broad spreads when performing FX transactions on behalf of customers. Under the overall transaction fee they reveal very little details about their FX spreads. SMEs that bear these charges can be struggling to recognise the true cost.

We are very distinct. We help small and medium-sized businesses minimise FX costs through a fair and clear transaction services tariff for foreign payments and FX. XCAP and its founders have over 20 years of experience in the overseas payment sector. This makes us well placed to provide small and medium-sized businesses an online, easy and cost-effective banking service.

Our service is designed to make it easy for you to handle overseas payments and FX. This complements the current banking arrangements. We deliver creative concepts such as currency accounts, to help you make more use of account balances and reduce the operating costs of receiving and sending money in foreign currencies.

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