XCAP Online

Access your currency accounts, trade FX and make payments anytime, anywhere.



Fast, easy and secure FX payments

As well as offering traditional voice brokering services, Xchange Capital can provide you with 24/7 access to your currency accounts via our online FX trading and payments platform XCAP Online.

  • Buy and sell currency
  • Make international payments
  • Generate statements and reports
  • Manage user permissions

Trade currency 24/7 

XCAP Online allows you to be the trader during or outside of UK trading hours. Convert currency as and when the need arises and XCAP online will provide you the best rate for your requirement.

Manage your account

Check balances, manage payees, generate statements and reports and manage user permissions easily from your XCAP Online account. Access securely on the go from multiple devices.  

Make & receive payments

Make single and mass payments, manage beneficiaries, request and receive payments from customers directly into your XCAP currency accounts all from your XCAP Online account.


XCAP Online utilises up to the minute security processes to keep you account safe and secured. Our dealers and operations staff are trained to spot suspicious activities and we provide checks on beneficiary instructions and their origins before instructing payments on your behalf.

Your XCAP online account provides complete freedom.

Get in touch with the team today who can help get you started with foreign exchange accounts.

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